Ph.D Dissertations and Senior Theses.

Ph.D Dissertations

[Yur 94] A. Yurik, Thesis: Micro-Analysis of Sequential And Parallel Programs, 1994

[Mud 92] S. Mudambi, Thesis: Scheduling or Parallelism on Non-Uniform Memory Access Machines, 1992

[Bab 98] O. Baby, Thesis: Non-Deterministic, Constraint-Based Parsing of Human Genes, 1998

[Kal 99] S. Kalathur, Thesis: A Sequential and Parallel Interval-Based Constraint Language: Analyses and Implementations, 1999

Senior Theses

[Ben 72] A. Benjamin, An Extensible Editor for a Small Machine with Disk Storage, Communications of the ACM, 15(8), 742-747, 1972.

[Car 76] N. Carpenter, Syntax-Directed Translation of Organic Chemical Formulas into their Two-Dimensional Representation, Journal of Computers & Chemistry, 1(1), 25-28, 1976.

[Zha 00] J. Zhang, Simple Lattice Model of Protein Folding and the Inverse Folding Problem

[DeR 00] N. de Robert, RNA Secondary Structure Analysis

[Meh 00] K. Mehra, Grammar Synthesis as an Approach for Solving the Inverse Protein Folding Problem

[Meh 01] K. Mehra, Research on Proteins with Novel Tertiary Structures